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This simply designed brace wraps comfortably from the thigh to the upper calf, assuring the user the ability to comfortably wear shorts. It also has a sleak design, leaving room for you to wear either over or under a pant leg. Four durable straps wrap around the upper and lower leg for added security, while the high-quality buckles keep the locking mechanisms in place for the duration of your wear time. A Condyle Pad is placed outside and directly next to the knee, giving the user a central point when putting it on and a little extra protection against an outside agent injuring your knee further. This item will effectively offload both medial and lateral compartments of the knee with a simple turn of a key, thus relieving OA knee pain. It’s super intuitive and easy to use.

Each Game Changer comes with a replacement knee pad, a 24-inch extension suspension wrap, and instructions on how to properly use the brace.

Features and Benefits: 
-Simple Design Makes it Easier to Use.
-Designed to Fit From the Thigh to the Knee.
-Helps Restore Full Range of Motion from OA of the Knee. 
-Can be Worn Over or Under Clothing.
-Durable Straps for Longer Wear Time.
-Side Knee Pad for Extra Protection.
-Simple Key to Adjust for Medial/Lateral Offloading.

This brace requires a prescription and medical records.

Call the office today to see if you are a candidate. 870.886.2002

The brace that is changing the way a knee brace can be worn as you heal from your injury. 

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